John Mayer and Traveling Music

I like good music.  Now I know sometimes my definition of good music might be different from other people’s definition of it.  But usually whether it’s working on a project, playing a video game, or simply driving down the highway, I enjoy listening to music while I’m doing an activity.  One of my favorite artists is John Mayer.  I’ve been listening to him for nearly a decade now.  I have all his albums…well all his studio albums.  This includes his newest album “Paradise Valley” which I picked up today.

One of the reasons I like him is because he’s a really good songwriter and there’s usually a couple of songs on each album that I can relate to my life.  I think the best songwriters capture that.  Those aspects that each of our lives have that we live.  Whether it is the good times or the bad times, songs can tell a story and sometimes that story intersects with our own stories.

One of my favorite Mayer songs is from his album “Continuum”  That song was “In Repair”.  The chorus to that song was this:

Oh, it’s taking so long
I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
I am in repair, I am in repair

Then the refrain at the end of the song goes like this:

I’m in repair
I’m not together but I’m getting there

I think that refrain is perfect for the life of a Christian (I know Mayer was not writing from that perspective but I think it can be taken that way).  I’m not perfect.  I am a sinner saved by grace.  God is still working in my life to make me better.  I am not who I used to be but I am not who I am going to be.  I am in repair and God is working on me as I follow after Him.

No matter where we are on our journey, there is music that speaks to where we are.  The cool thing is that God can speak through music to share and grow you.  It’s just like anything else, you have to be open and willing to listen.


Forgiveness, it’s an action that has a great number of benefits but is one of the hardest things to do.  To forgive someone who has wronged you or hurt you is not a normal reaction.  A normal reaction would be to seek retribution or even revenge.  To make the other person feel as bad (or even worse) than you feel.

Even those of us (myself included) who call ourselves Christians and seek to follow after Jesus struggle with forgiveness.  I know when I’m hurt by someone badly, I wrestle with wanting to forgive them.  If I’ve been hurt deeply, I been known to sometimes hold onto that hurt because I’m not ready to forgive the other person.  In reality, the only person that truly hurts is me.  I’m the only one that’s hurting.  The other person may or may not care how I’m feeling.  They may or may not be sorry for what they did.  But I can still forgive them, whether or not they accept it.

I think a great example of this is seen with Michael Vick, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  With the recent controversy regarding his teammate Riley Cooper and the comments Cooper made, Vick stood before the media and answered questions regarding his teammate.  In his response to the questions, Vick said that he forgave Cooper.  Vick understands the cost of forgiveness, given the journey his life has taken.  He knew that he had been forgiven and that in turn he should forgive others as well.

Jesus spoke on forgiveness to his disciples as they traveled along from to city to city.  One time, Peter came up to Jesus and asked him how many times he was to forgive someone who had sinned against him.  Peter even threw out a number (seven) as to how many times.  Jesus’ response was this “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.” (Matthew 18:22).  The point Jesus was making was to not keep count how many times you forgive but that you forgive.  The point is to forgive.

Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  He forgave me for my sins because of what He did on the cross.  As a follower of Jesus, I’m called to forgive.  And if you are a follower of Jesus, that is what you are to do as well.  Is that easy?  No, but it is worth it.

“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.” (Colossians 3:12-13)

The First Step

This is the first step in my new blog.  It will be interesting to see where this one will go as opposed to my previous blogs.  I’m sure I will touch on a lot of things.  Some of that includes theology, my faith journey, sports, pop culture, and other hodge podge stuff.  For those who have known me for a long time, thank you for continuing to love and support me and follow along on this journey with me.  For those new to me and my journey, you’re more than welcome to come along as well.

I’ll leave this first post with a quote from “The Hobbit”, which is where in large part the title of this blog is credited.

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”