Hope and the Fight For It

I tend to be an optimistic guy.  I tend to look at the bright side of things.  Glass half full kind of thing.  Granted, this is difficult when things are going roughly but it’s what I try to do.  Through those hard times, I try to have hope.

Hope, it’s actually a good four letter word.  It’s also something that at times can feel like it is in short supply.  That is something I can attest to very well.  When life feels like it is crashing down on you and you feel all alone, it is hard to have hope.  It makes you question a lot of things.  But yet as followers of Jesus, we are to have hope.

It’s easy to have hope when life is going well.  It feels like hope is in ample supply.  But when the storms of life rage and beat at you from all sides, it seems like hope takes a vacation.  When you are beat up from life and you don’t know down from up, you struggle to see hope.  But hope is there.

It feels like a fight sometimes to keep hoping, to keep trusting.  I know this is true.  I also know that I am not alone.  Even if there is no one else around, God is still there.  He hasn’t left me.  There are some days when that’s all I have to live for and that is it.  What gets me through the day is that God loves me and He has a plan for me and He is not through with me yet.  That gives me reason for hope.  That gives me a reason to keep fighting.

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