The Reason for Giving

Last night, I watched the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother.  One of the interesting plot lines that played out through the episode was the back and forth between Ted and Marshall and Lilly.  The back and forth centered around wedding gifts and thank you notes.  Ted had allegedly not given Marshall and Lilly a wedding gift years earlier.  Marshall and Lilly had allegedly not given Ted a thank you note.  It was brought back up with the impending marriage of their friends Barney and Robin.

Throughout the episode, there were flashbacks about how Marshall kept trying to “drop hints” to Ted to get him to give a wedding gift.  Meanwhile, Ted would do the same about a thank you note.  In the end, the truth came out that Ted did in fact give a wedding gift to Marshall and Lilly.

The thing that stuck out to me about the episode was the motive behind it.  Both sides felt they deserved to get something (Marshall and Lilly a wedding gift, Ted a thank you note).  But truly, when you give a gift or write a note, you should not expect something in return.  That truly is what a gift is.  Giving with no expectations of getting something in return.  Thanking someone’s generosity with no expectation of acknowledgement in return.

That’s the awesome thing about grace.  God gives us grace when we don’t deserve it.  He is the best example of giving.  He gave of His Son to die on the cross.  Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins is a reason be thankful and to share that.

It is always good to be reminded that it is important to know the reason behind giving and what that should be.  As a follower of Jesus, I know that He gives me the ability to give selflessly.  And that is something that I’m still working on in my life.


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