I’ve been reading (off and on for the past few months) the book “Toughness” by Jay Bilas.  For those of you who don’t know who Jay Bilas is, he is a former basketball player who is now a lawyer and analyst for college basketball.  The book itself is about, you guessed it, toughness.  Toughness on and off the court and what it means to have toughness.

I wrote a few weeks back about being tough while also being soft.  I think it’s important to develop toughness.  It is a given that this life is hard.  It is also a given that following Jesus is hard.  That is a calling that means dealing with rough situations.  But the great thing is that we are not left to our own devices.  God is always there with us, through those hard times.  He also is able to use those times to develop toughness in us, to make us stronger.

I’m a tougher person now then I was six months ago, or a year ago.  I can say that because of Christ, not because of me.  Whatever you are going through, rely on Jesus.  He will get you through it if you trust and follow Him.  He is the ultimate measure of toughness.  He’s the one to turn to when things are at their toughest.

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