Three Avenues of Encouragment

It is always good to receive encouragement.  No matter whether you’re going through bad times or whether you’re going through good times.  It is always good to receive encouragement.  Yesterday I was encouraged three separate times.  And I know they were God moments because they were unexpected.

The first came yesterday morning by a phone call.  I went to the dentist last Friday for regular cleaning and check up.  My dentist wasn’t there so didn’t have a chance to talk with him so just had teeth cleaned by dental hygenist and left.  Well, my dentist called me yesterday just to tell me about the x-rays I had gotten.  During the conversation I told him about my continuing job search and he encouraged me by reminding me about God’s timing and that He’s got something in store for me (my dentist is a believer by the way).  Totally unexpected phone call and an avenue of encouragement.

The second came yesterday afternoon.  I was browsing my twitter feed and came across a tweet from Sports Spectrum (for those who don’t know, that is a magazine that features athletes and coaches who are followers of Jesus & who share their testimonies).  They tweeted out a video of Tim Tebow and his training.  Tebow is out of the NFL right now but still is training to get a job in the NFL again.  In spite of critics, Tebow continues to train and work hard.  That was an encouragement to me that when times are tough to keep persevering in serving God and in ministry.  Here is the video:

The third came last night.  I was browsing my twitter feed and came across a tweet from the seminary I graduated from, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  There was a link to a video of a conversation with one of my old professors.  He is the New Testament & Greek professor there.  Watching that video reminded me of my times there in seminary and of the lessons that I learned in the classroom and outside of it.  It reminded me again of my calling in ministry and encouraged me in my faith as well.  Here is the video:

A Conversation with Dr. Alan Tomlinson from MBTS on Vimeo.

Those three instances were a great encouragement for me.  I hope that each day that you’re able to recognize the encouragement that God brings into your life in a variety of ways and expressions.

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