Should You Be Surprised?

A couple of days ago, I was checking out my Instagram feed.  I don’t have many pictures on my account (just 1 at the moment) but I have lots of friends who have lots of pictures on theirs.  So anyway, as I was scrolling down I came across one picture.  It was a picture posted by a friend that I knew from college but haven’t had much contact with since then.  The caption more than the picture is what caught my eye.  The caption read “This girl went to church today.  Some of you will be proud; others surprised.”

It got me to thinking, as most things usually do.  If I said that I went to church, would there be people that are surprised?  Should you be surprised that I was in church?  Now granted I’ve served in the ministry so for a lot people the answer would be no but still.  Even among my non-believing friends, would they be surprised that I went to church this past Sunday?

When I lived in Seattle and worked with church plants and served on staff with a campus ministry at the University of Washington, I also participated in a recreational co-ed flag football league that played on the weekends.  Over the course of about two years or so, I got to know several of my teammates fairly well and vice versa.  They knew I served in ministry and that I followed Jesus.  I’m sure if you had asked them were you surprised that Michael went to church, they would say no they weren’t surprised.  And some of them weren’t followers of Jesus either but yet they wouldn’t be surprised.

The reason I say that is because gathering together for corporate worship is a component in the life of a follower of Jesus.  If you say you’re a Christian, then one of the components is to join together with other believers on a regular basis to worship God in a corporate way.  Just as much as spending time in prayer and studying the Bible, it’s important to gather together to worship to be encouraged and to challenge one another.  And it’s a place (hopefully) that all people can come and hear the Gospel and grow as followers of Jesus (or become one if they’re not one).

Should you be surprised?  No matter who you are, one person for sure wouldn’t be surprised…Jesus.

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