Being Thankful: A Lesson Learned in Vacation Bible School

This week I’m teaching a class at Vacation Bible School at my home church.  It’s the church that I grew up in and where I began following Jesus.  I’m teaching the adult class.  That in and of itself is interesting.  Growing up (when I was a kid and went to VBS at that church) there was no adult class.  I don’t know when they started doing it but guess it’s a thing now.  Anyway, the majority of the class is older than me (I think there’s one or two that’s my age or younger) so that’ has been a challenge but overall the class has been good so far.

Something happened tonight that made me think and wanted to share here.  At the beginning of the class, I ask everyone in the class to share a praise or something God has taught them today.  This is something I’ve done in different contexts in different places I’ve served.  It’s a great opportunity to share how God is blessing each of us and how thankful we are for what He’s done.

Tonight I had a group that I would come to find out did not want to talk, did not want to answer questions and would just sit there in silence.  So when I asked about sharing something that God has blessed them with or something God taught them, I got mostly silence.  I got one who did share a praise, someone who had been regularly coming all week.  The other one that did speak did not share a praise or something God had taught them.  Rather, he shared a prayer request about someone being sick.

Now, there is nothing at all wrong with sharing a prayer request.  But was there not one thing that God had blessed him with or something God had taught him that day?  How many of us are like that?  We forget to be thankful of all the things God does for us or teaches us and go straight to prayer requests.  For me, this is a huge reminder that I need to remember to share my praises and give thanks to God for all the things He’s done and gave me and taught me.

So next time you pray, take a step back and think and share those blessings and lessons God has taught you.  And share those with others too.  You never know how much those blessing and lessons can be an encouragement to others.

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