Lesson from Yoda: Patience

A few weeks back, I had a post entitled “Lesson from Yoda”.  I thought I would revisit that post with another “Lesson from Yoda” (I might make it into a series).


Yoda was introduced to everyone back in 1980 in the film The Empire Strikes Back.  This was the sequel to Star Wars:  A New Hope and is my favorite of the entire saga.  We meet Yoda as he is living on the planet Dagobah and Luke Skywalker is sent there by Obi-Wan (now a ghost) to continue his training to become a Jedi.


While in the midst of his training, Luke has a vision of his friends Han & Leia in pain.  He then hurriedly packs his things and tells R2 that they’re  leaving.  Obi-Wan appears and both he and Yoda plead with Luke to not leave and to continue the training to become a Jedi.  At one point, Obi-Wan screams out “Patience!”  Luke’s response is that of someone rushing into something “And sacrifice Han and Leia?”  Yoda’s response is interesting “If you honor what they fight for?  Yes.”


It’s not easy to have patience.  That is something that is up at the top of the list of things people pray for on a daily basis.  Luke didn’t have patience.  He did not listen to Yoda or Obi-Wan (who had Luke’s best interests).  He rushed off to Bespin to try to save his friends but in reality it was a trap set by Darth Vader to capture him.  Luke ended up in a fight he was not ready for and ended up with his right hand chopped off and having to deal with the knowledge that Darth Vader was his father.

Patience comes from time and trust.  Ultimately, patience comes from God.  He tells us to trust in Him and wait on Him.  Sometimes we are like Luke and rush out and get hurt in the process.  But He’s still there.  Though it is not easy to have patience, it is for our benefit.  We are able to grow and mature in the waiting.  Trust and be patient.  Valuable assets in this journey of life.

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