To The Stars: Interstellar


Today, i went to see the latest Christopher Nolan film Interstellar in IMAX.  I’m a huge fan of Christoper Nolan’s work and have watched pretty much all of the films he’s directed and enjoy most of them (probably the only one I didn’t was Memento, yeah I might be in the minority but just didn’t like that one).

I will not spoil the film.  As with any Nolan film, you need to watch it, especially in the theater.  However, I will share my thoughts about the film and some of the themes.  The film stars include Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, John Lithgow, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine.  McConaughey is former NASA pilot turned farmer named Cooper.  The Earth is ravaged by blight and for the most part people are farming to try and live.  However, there is a secret plan that Professor Brand (Caine) to try and save humanity out among the stars thanks to a worm hole that has presented itself out by Saturn.  It will take a team of scientists led by Amelia Brand (Hathaway) and Cooper piloting the spaceship to travel to see if a world out there could sustain life.  That of course means Cooper leaving his family behind which consists of his father in law Donald (Lithgow), son Tom and daughter Murphy.  Murphy is in many ways like her father which plays into the story of the film as time goes on (she would be played as an adult by Chastain).

The movie is visually stunning.  This is definitely the case seeing it in IMAX.  Nolan did a great job capturing space and the beauty of being out in the stars as well as the different planets the crew of The Endurance encounter.  What stuck out as well was the sound or the lack of sound.  Several times Nolan would drop the music and there would be no sound at all, just the visual.  This was the case in deep space.  The only sound would be from the inside of the spaceship as the crew worked or were talking.  Otherwise, no sound.  Really interesting and cool statement.

The story itself was really good.  I wouldn’t say great because there were several points that were kind of left hanging.  But it wasn’t any major points where that happened.  The acting was really good.  I was really surprised by the depth of the cast.  There were a lot of recognizable actors in supporting roles that I didn’t even know where in the film.  These included Matt Damon, Topher Grace, Casey Affleck and David Oyelowo.  It speaks to the quality of the film to have such great actors rounding out the cast.

I love space.  I love going out on a clear night and looking up at the stars.  This film captures that desire to travel to the stars and explore.  One thing that I wished the film had conveyed was the wonder of the Creator who created such things.  Watching this film and seeing those visuals of space and the universe, for me gave me that appreciation for what God has created out there in space as well as here on Earth.

Nolan does a good job of making you think after watching on of his films and this one is no exception.  If you haven’t seen it, go see it.  It’s worth the price of admission.


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