Life Lesson from Doug


One of my favorite cartoons growing up was Doug.  It was one of the first cartoons that was made by Nickelodeon (along with other classic NickToons like Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy).  From the very beginning, I was a huge fan of that show.  In many ways, I felt like I could relate to Doug Funnie, the main character of the show.  When the show debuted in 1991, he was essentially the same age as me.  We had some of the same awkwardness and same kind of hopes and dreams (and imaginations).  There are several fictional characters that I relate to and Doug Funnie would be one of them.

Recently I picked up the complete series of the Nickelodeon run of the show on DVD (they had a run in the mid to late 90s with Disney that I wish would come out on DVD as well).  I went through and watched all those past episodes and had the same joy of watching it all over again.  I was reminded of something though when I watched it through.  It was a line that Doug says in the pilot episode.  He said this:  “Man, the things a guy has to go through to keep from being a loser.”  No matter what age we are, I think we all have that same thought.  Fitting in, feeling like we belong.  We will try anything and everything to belong.  To be a part of something.  And when we don’t feel like we belong, it hurts.

Doug wasn’t a loser.  In fact, he was a pretty cool guy in his own way.  And you and I are cool in our own way too.  God has blessed us each with gifts and abilities that make us special and make us somebody.  Be thankful of that.


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