Booyah! Thoughts on Stuart Scott

This is two posts in one day.  I haven’t had a multiple post day in a long time but thought it was appropriate given the circumstances.  Everyone that knows me knows I’m a sports geek (though haven’t talked as much sports on this blog as I have in the past).  I was saddened to hear the passing of Stuart Scott yesterday.  For those that don’t know (which given the coverage and the outpouring of support yesterday is probably not that many), Scott was a broadcaster who worked at ESPN since the mid 90s.  He was an anchor for their big news show “SportsCenter” as well as reported from some of the biggest sporting events and interviewed athletes, celebrities and other famous figures.  He passed away from cancer that he had been fighting for about 7 years now.

My family got cable in the early 90s.  So my first big pairing of anchors on SportsCenter that I watched was Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann.  When they worked on SportsCenter, dubbed “The Big Show”, would be at night but would be re-aired in the morning and I would watch while eating breakfast getting ready for school at like 6:00am.  When the mid 90s rolled around and I was a teenager, the pairing that I watched at that time was Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen.  I first saw Scott when ESPN2 debuted and he was one of their first anchors for that new network but really his pairing with Eisen was I remember the most.  Scott and Eisen had that same connection that Patrick and Olbermann had and were just as entertaining.

Scott had some of the coolest catchphrases that he used.  Some of them I would integrate into my daily life whether it was playing sports or video games or whatever.  Some of my favorites was “Booyah!” “As cool as the other side of the pillow” “Can I get a witness from the congregation!” and “You ain’t gotta go home but you gotta get the heck up outta here”.

Like a lot of people you grow up watching on TV, you feel like you know the people you watch.  Watching SportsCenter anchors like Stuart Scott, I felt like he was a friend I could enjoy watching sports with.  I never met him personally but I always enjoyed his work and was a fan.

He fought cancer with the kind of fight that is admirable.  I hope that he was a believer, I don’t know if he was or not but I hope that he is.  Stuart Scott is someone who made an impact on my life and I will miss seeing him on my TV covering sports.  I pray for his family and close friends as they go through this tough time and reminded to tell those I care about and love how much I care and love them.  As I end, I want to share a video of Scott doing highlights back in the 90s.  Check it out:


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