Searching For Happiness

A couple of weeks ago I watched the film Hector and the Search for Happiness.  It’s a dramedy that stars Simon Pegg as a psychologist who is trying to figure out what it means to be happy.  He is not happy in his own life and has a dysfunctional relationship with his girlfriend Clara.  So he decides to take a trip to figure out how and what people define as being happy.


This trip leads him around the world.  He goes to such places as China, Tibet, Africa and Los Angeles.  He comes in contact with a variety of people including a businessman, a doctor, a drug dealer, a call girl, an old girlfriend & a professor who is studying the effects of happiness on the brain.  Along the way, he journals his thoughts.  He sees people trying to find happiness through a variety of ways but none of them are ever fully happy.  The end of the film sees him reconcile with his girlfriend Clara and he goes back to England & appreciate what he has.

We all can identify with Hector.  We all want to be “happy” and we all try and have things in our lives that we use to try and make us happy.  Whether it be relationships or money or job or medication, we seek to try and find happiness.  But happiness is predicated on circumstances.  When circumstances aren’t going well, we don’t have happiness.

However, something that is not predicated on circumstances is joy.  Joy is constant throughout.  That is what God offers to us.  He offers us something that is consistent, that does not change when circumstances change.  We can have that joy through a relationship with Him.  It’s that relationship that brings peace when our circumstances are tough.

We all search for happiness.  But instead of searching for happiness, let us search for joy.  And we can find joy in Jesus.


One thought on “Searching For Happiness

  1. Thank you. I was looking for something exactly like this to send my daughter who is an atheist. Happiness and joy aren’t the same thing. Joy isn’t predicated on circumstances. Joy isn’t jumping up and down and feeling elation or a new guy or a new house. Happiness is a feeling and feelings lie. Jesus never will. He is constant. Everything else is vapor.

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