The 25th Anniversary Edition 1990 Version: Video Games

Welcome back to the Anniversary Edition. This is a series where we are highlighting the 25th anniversary of some of our favorite things. These include movies, TV shows, video games, comics and music that came out during the year of 1990.

Last time we looked at music. This time we will look at video games that came out in 1990. On the hardware front, there was more news in Japan then there was in North America, which is usually a given. So there were no new consoles released in North America in 1990. Those would come the following year (and which will be highlighted in this series next year).

However, there were some huge games that came out in 1990. The biggest of these was probably Super Mario Bros. 3. Released on February 12th in North America, it is probably the most liked and most popular of the Super Mario series. Clips of the game were shown in the film The Wizard that was released the year prior. It featured Mario once again going through the Mushroom Kingdom trying to save the princess but this time having to beat Bowser’s kids along the way. It would go on to sell 17,280,000 copies, which is one of the best selling stand alone video games of all time.

On July 12th, the first ever Final Fantasy game was released on the NES in North America. It was one of the first big RPG (Role Playing Games) on the NES. It would become the first in what has become one of the most popular video game series of all time. Another popular franchise to release a game that year was Mega Man. On September 28th, Capcom released Mega Man 3. This game was the first one to feature Mega Man’s sidekick Rush as well as the character of Proto Man.

The other big debut in 1990 was the Game Genie. The Game Genie, which was made by Codemasters and distributed by Galoob in the United States, was an adapter that would be added to games to help players cheat in games such as unlimited lives, power ups and etc. It was first used on the NES, there would go to be versions on Sega Genesis and SNES.

1990 was a pretty big year when it comes to video games, especially software. Thoughts about the Super Mario Bros 3 or Final Fantasy? What about Mega Man 3? Is there a game that came out in 1990 that isn’t listed here that you enjoy? Leave a comment and share them here. Next time, we will look at movies from 1990. Until then, fire up your old system (or virtual console) and enjoy some retro gaming.


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