Friday Favorite: Favorite TV Show

It’s Friday so wanted to share another “Friday Favorite”.  This week I wanted to share one of my favorite TV shows.  Through the years there a lot of shows that I’ve watched and loved.  If I had to pick my go to show (which is very touch and I’m sure there will be more shows that will be highlighted in this series) it would have to be Law & Order.

Law and Order

Law & Order debuted back in 1990 and from the first time it aired I was hooked.  It’s a pretty basic premise for a show.  A crime was committed (most of the time it was murder) and the first half of the episode focused on the police detectives that were investigating the case.  The second half of the episode focused on the district attorneys who prosecuted the case at a trial.  Within the hour there was a resolution and the story ended (rarely was there a two part episode).

Even with a simple concept, it was compelling television.  Some of the stories were “ripped from the headlines”.  They were some based on actual criminal cases (but the cases were tweaked to fit the story the writers were telling).  Then there were other cases that were made up but still compelling.

The structure of the show lent itself to have turnover of the cast but even so there were a lot of compelling characters that came through the show.  There was some consistency for much of the series run with Det. Lennie Briscoe (played by Jerry Orbach) and Executive Assistant DA (then later DA) Jack McCoy (played by Sam Waterston) being on the show for a long span of time.  The focus was on the case and the work the detectives and attorneys did.

The show did have several spinoffs including one (Law & Order: SVU) that is still on the air.  But the classic version is the one that to me is the best.  I can still sit down today and watch an episode or two from any season and be entertained.  And the classic “bomp bomp” is still memorable when I think about that show.  Law & Order is my go to TV show to watch.


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