2015 Year In Review

This year of 2015 is coming to the end.  2015 was very similar to the last couple of years.  There were good moments but it had its struggles as well.  It was a tough year but hopefully it was a learning and growing experience of a year.  I hope that your year was good.  If it wasn’t, I can relate and hope that 2016 is better for you.  As is tradition for me, I liked to look back and review the year.  Here is the year in review starting with the final book list of books I’ve read this year (which saw the most books I’ve read since 2012).

Final reading list for 2015:

Recovering Redemption: A Gospel-Saturated Perspective on How to Change by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer
Wrestling for My Life by Shawn Michaels
Scary Close by Donald Miller
Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne
Follow Me David Platt
Pop Goes the Church: Should the Church Engage Pop Culture? by Tim Stevens
Bigger on the Inside:  Christianity and Doctor Who by Gregory Thornbury and Ned Bustard
More Than a Season: Building a Championship Culture by Dayton Moore
The Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight
Connecting in Communities:  Understanding the Dynamics of Small Groups  by Eddie Mosley
Jesus Is _______: Find A New Way To Be Human  by Judah Smith
Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be) by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck
Star Wars: Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka

This is the 11th year of keeping track of books I’ve read. Here’s the number breakdown:

2005: 19

2006: 20

2007: 18

2008: 22

2009: 29

2010: 24

2011: 15

2012: 14

2013: 9

2014: 7

2015: 13

2015 Year in Review

Highlights of the year: The highlights were the following:  the start of a new podcast that I help co-host, board game nights with friends, trip in April to Ohio to preach, road trip to Illinois to visit my friends Kyle and Emily and preach in Kyle’s church, the joy of writing for this blog, getting to interact and make new friends and being able to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my family.

Five things that 2015 taught me:

1) Even though it’s tough, sometimes all you can do is take things one step at a time, one day at a time

2) I’m better at being patient than I thought I was but I still have a long ways to go to being a patient person

3) Friendship is a valuable thing and truly worth appreciating

4) Laughing is helpful especially in the tough times

5) A kind word has a tremendous impact not just on those you share them with but to yourself as well

*Five personally significant events of 2015:  (Well this year it was three so that’s an improvement from last couple of years)

1) I celebrated the 2 year anniversary of this blog

2) Had opportunity to preach several times at my home church and at several other churches

3) Helped to start a podcast

4) ——————————————–

5) ——————————————–

Ten things I want to do in 2016 (in no particular order):

1) Continue to grow in my walk with the Lord

2) Find a full time job in ministry (would love it to be campus/college ministry related but would be happy serving wherever and doing whatever God has for me)

3) Hopefully find and be in a relationship with a girl that is honoring God

4) Continue to pray for my friends around the world

5) Be content with where and what God has in front of me

6) Find time for recreational reading

7) Travel to see friends

8) Be an encouragement to those around me

9) Learn as much as I can from the experiences I have

10) Smile every day

Five things I don’t want to do in 2016:

1) Grow weary in doing good

2) Not appreciate the blessings God has provided for me

3) Forget where God has brought me and where he’s taking me

4) Hurt people and lose friendships because of my actions

5) Grow angry and bitter at my circumstances

Five things I love beyond all reason currently:

1) God

2) My family and friends

3) Opportunities for the future

4) Reading

5) Writing

Five things I hate with good reason currently:

1) My sinful nature

2) Frustration about circumstances beyond my control

3) Being lonely

4) Being hurt

5) Bad attitudes

I hope that 2016 will be a better year than 2015.  That is my prayer for me and for you.

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