Friday Favorite: Favorite Super Mario Game

It’s Friday and I thought I would bring back “Friday Favorite”.  For this edition, I thought I would share my favorite Super Mario Bros. game.  I grew up playing video games and so I have played my fair share of Mario games.  But I would say that my personal favorite would have to be Super Mario Bros. 3:


Super Mario Bros. 3, released on February 12, 1990 in North America, was the third game in the Super Mario series to be released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  It was one of the most anticipated and hyped games of that generation.  Clips of the game were featured in the film The Wizard and kids were super excited for the game to release.  I was one of those kids.  I got the game for my birthday (which happens to be in February).  From the moment I put the cartridge into the system, I was hooked.

The game tells the continuing adventures of Mario and Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Bowser (aka King Koopa) has once again kidnapped the Princess (Princess Peach).  This time around his children, the Koopalings, have aided him by turning some of the other leaders of the Mushroom Kingdom into animals.  It’s up to Mario and Luigi to return order to the Mushroom Kingdom and save the princess.

The graphics for the game were state of the art at the time.  The gameplay was some of the best for any NES game and the feel of the game was just right.  To this day, I can play that game and get the same joy as I did back in 1990.

There have been a lot of great Mario games and worth playing.  But for me, Super Mario Bros. 3 is by far my favorite.

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