Sunday Devotional: Psalm 40:6-10

“In sacrifice and offering you have not delighted,
    but you have given me an open ear.
Burnt offering and sin offering
    you have not required.
Then I said, “Behold, I have come;
    in the scroll of the book it is written of me:
I delight to do your will, O my God;
    your law is within my heart.”

I have told the glad news of deliverance
    in the great congregation;
behold, I have not restrained my lips,
    as you know, O Lord.
I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart;
    I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation;
I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness
    from the great congregation.”  (Psalm 40:6-10)

God wants us to delight in Him.  God wants us to give ourselves to Him.  David knew this and shared this as part of this Psalm.  He knew how good God was.  He knew that God was with him.  And David also wanted to share this with others.  He made it a point speak out about God’s faithfulness and His salvation.  He shared about God’s steadfast love and deliverance.

We should do the same.  Those of us that are followers of Jesus should not keep the good news to ourselves but share it with others.  We should be overjoyed to share what has changed us and made us whole.  This week, let us have that be our desire.

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