MoviePass Adventures: Month 2

Into month number 2 of MoviePass and this time of year is great for films so ample opportunity to put it to use.  Here are the films I saw the second month of of having MoviePass:

1) Wonder

This film is based a novel and tells the story of Auggie Pullman and his family.  He’s a kid who’s just starting middle school and has had a lot to overcome and over the course of the film you see the impact that he has on everyone that comes in contact with him and vice versa.  This is one of the best films I’ve seen period.  Loved this film and would recommend it to everyone.

2) Coco

The next film in the long line of great Pixar films.  This one features the story of a young boy named Miguel who feels he’s a musician but his family doesn’t approve.  The film tells the story of family and following your dream.  It was really good and worth seeing in theaters.

3) The Man Who Invented Christmas

This film is a mix of “based on a true story” and a telling of the classic A Christmas Carol.  It tells the story of author Charles Dickens as he finds the inspiration to write the classic novel and how those characters mingle and intertwine with what’s going on in his life.  Christopher Plummer plays a great Ebenezer Scrooge and Dan Stevens is a wonderful Charles Dickens.  This is a great Christmas/holiday film to watch this season.

4) The Mountain Between Us

The film, based on the novel of the same name, tells the story of two strangers who catch a charter flight.  That flight crash lands in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and the two depend on each other to survive out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s a visually stunning film and both Elba and Winslet carry the film as the two principal actors.  It was worth seeing on the big screen just for the outdoor/mountain shots.

(I thought I’d end up seeing more films but there was a stretch where there weren’t any major releases worth seeing due to The Last Jedi looming so it looks like month 3 will have more films to see)

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