MoviePass Adventures: Month 7

It’s the seventh month of having MoviePass and after a record tying nine films last month, here’s the films I’ve seen this month:

1.) Avengers:  Infinity War

The culmination (and just the first part too) of three Phases of Marvel films, Avengers: Infinity War is a huge undertaking.  There is a lot to take in and I’m sure I will need to see it multiple times to really take it all in.  Aside from a few characters, I thought they handled them all very well.  It told a tremendous story.  I’m already looking forward to the next one.

2.) Chappaquiddick

Based on the true story of the events that centered around Senator Ted Kennedy and the accident that claimed the life of a former Robert Kennedy campaign secretary Mary Jo Kopechne, the film tells the story of the week when the incident happened and the fallout of the event.  There was a great cast, particularly Ed Helms had a great performance.  The cast made the film better.

3.) Lu Over The Wall

This anime film tells the story of a boy named Kai Ashimoto, a loner type who loves music, who encounters a mermaid named Lu and the shenanigans that ensue between humans and merfolk.  It is a way I thought about it in describing it as “Ponyo a little older who loves rock music and dancing.”  It’s a fun little film.  I’m a fan of anime and I enjoyed this film.  It was a little trippy at times but overall I enjoyed it.

Total films seen overall with MoviePass: 40

(Number of unique films seen overall: 38)