Five Year Anniversary

Today marks the five year anniversary of this blog.  When I started this blog, I was in a real rough spot in my life.  And to be honest, that hasn’t changed that much.  These last five years have been some of the hardest, toughest, depressing years of my life.  This blog has helped in dealing with some of that but even still it has been a struggle.

Each time I reach this anniversary I hope that there will be some good news, something that will be a turning point.  But here I wait still.  God ultimately knows what the future will hold but in the meantime it has been tough in the waiting.

There have been seasons with this blog when there has been a lot of content and also times when there hasn’t been.  That has been a struggle as well.  When you don’t have the words to express the emotions and thoughts you feel.

If you have been with me all this time, thank you.  May this next year of blogging bring newfound hope and a turning of the corner in my life.

MoviePass Adventures: Month 10

After a couple of slow months, last month was back up around average.  Here’s the list of films I saw this month with my MoviePass (which would’ve been two more had MoviePass not been acting up, ended up having to sign up for AMC A-List so I could see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Dog Days):

1.) The Equalizer 2

The sequel to the 2014 that was based on the 1980s TV show, The Equalizer 2 continues the story of Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) in his quest to right the wrongs in the world both big and small.  This time around besides working as a Lyft driver, he’s also “helping out the little guy” while at the same time avenging the death of a friend and former co-worker in the CIA.  Interesting that this was the first ever sequel that Washington has ever done.  Overall I liked the film. I did enjoy the secondary stories more than the main story but overall it was pretty good.

2.) Mission: Impossible Fallout

The sixth edition to the film franchise, Fallout looks at the impact that the previous film Rogue Nation left as Ethan Hunt is off fighting the remnants of the Syndicate, now known as “The Apostles”.  I love this series and feel like the films have gotten progressively better with each one and this is no exception.  Definitely one of my favorite films of 2018

3.) Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh meets Hook.  That’s probably the best way to describe this film.  Christopher Robin is grown up, married and has a daughter.  He also has a tough job that has seemingly taken the joy of life out of him.  And Pooh and the gang have to remind Christopher Robin about what’s most important in life.  I enjoyed the film.  It was kinda weird to see this film after seeing Goodbye Christopher Robin which told somewhat the story of the real life Christopher Robin Milne.  This one of course is far from that.  This is very much the fictional Christopher Robin growing up.  it’s worth checking out if you enjoy the Pooh stories.


Total films seen overall with MoviePass: 50

(Number of unique films seen overall: 48)

(Number of films seen in 2018 with MoviePass: 36)

(Number of unique films seen in 2018: 35)

“Purpose in Pain”: Thoughts on Brian Dawkins

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a huge sports fan.  Among those is football.  I love playing football and I love watching football.  This weekend was the induction ceremony for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  And I was sitting in a hotel room in Arkansas and happened to turn the TV on and caught the majority of the event.  And at one point I tweeted that it felt like there was a church service going in in Canton given some of the speeches.

The one that really resonated with me with Brian Dawkins.  Dawkins was a defensive back who played mainly for the Philadelphia Eagles (also some time with the Denver Broncos).  His speech got into not just his career but more importantly his faith in Christ as well as the pain and struggles that he dealt with including dealing with depression.

What really stuck with me was when he said the following:

“See there’s a purpose for my pain.  There’s a purpose for my pain.”

Those words stuck with me.  They stuck with me when I immediately heard it.  And they have stuck with me these several days later.  These last five years or so I’ve dealt with pain.  Emotional pain, mental pain, spiritual pain.  It has been a season of my life that has been a tremendous struggle.  There have been more rough days than calm days in these last five years or so.

And so when I heard Dawkins’ speech and he was mentioning those words, they resonated with me.  I need to be reminded that there is a purpose for it.  I may not fully understand the reason for this pain, ultimately the purpose is for me to get closer to Jesus and to point people to Him.  If there’s anyone that knows purpose in pain, it’s Jesus.

If you have not seen his speech, take some time and watch.  It is worth it: