MoviePass Adventures: Month 17

It feels like with MoviePass that it’s always a hit or miss as to whether there will be films to see with it.  This was a month that at least was a hit.  Here’s the list (not counting what I saw with AMC A-List: Apollo 11)

1.) The Upside

A remake of a film based on a true story, it is about the friendship of Philip and Dell, a quadriplegic and his life auxiliary.  Two people from two very different backgrounds that become great friends.  Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston are very enjoyable and Nicole Kidman stole the show with her performance.  It was an enjoyable film.

2.) Fighting With My Family

This film is based on the true story of the journey of pro wrestler Paige growing up in a wrestling family in England all the way to being a WWE superstar and Divas’ Champion.  I really enjoyed the film.  It was enjoyable film regardless if you’re a pro wrestling fan or not.  They made some changes here and there to her journey (but I understand why they made those changes for dramatic effect).  But overall it was a fun film.


Total films seen overall with MoviePass: 60

(Number of unique films seen overall: 58)

(Number of films seen with AMC A-List: 21)

(Number of unique films seen with AMC A-List: 19)