MoviePass Adventures: Month 19

MoviePass still keeps going along (and funny enough had a person at a theater tell me this month “Use it while you can”) so here’s this month’s viewings (not counting what I saw on AMC A-List: Breakthrough (two times), Penguins, Avengers:  Endgame, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu)

1.) The Best of Enemies

Based on the true story of two people who were polar opposites living in Durham, North Carolina in the 1970s:  C.P Ellis, a local KKK president and Ann Atwater, an organizer within the local black community.  When the issue of school integration came to the forefront in Durham the two were put together on a committee to work through potential solutions.  Through this, there developed a friendship and the film shows how their lives (and the lives of the people in Durham are changed).  It is a very powerful film.  I thought the performances were tremendous and loved the cinematography work.  I hope this film is recognized with awards come award season.

Total films seen overall with MoviePass: 62

(Number of unique films seen overall: 60)

(Number of films seen with AMC A-List: 27)

(Number of unique films seen with AMC A-List: 24)