MoviePass Adventures: Month 20

MoviePass is still a thing (though not from lack of trying where I was literally this close to cancelling it because of some goofups with the app) but still have it and still able to use it  Here’s this month’s films (not counting what I saw on AMC A-List which included The Sun is Also a Star, Godzilla: King of the Monsters x2)

1.) Aladdin

This is the live action remake of the classic Disney animated film.  It tells the story of a young man named Aladdin who finds a magic lamp and with the help of Genie, a Magic Carpet and his monkey friend Apu, try to win the heart of Princess Jasmine while avoiding the evil Jafar.  On it’s own I really enjoyed the film.  Compared to the animated film, I thought they did a good job adapting it to live action.  I’m usually not a big fan of these animated to live action remakes but this one was really good.  i thought the character of Dalia the handmaiden to Jasmine stole the show.  Though I prefer the animated version, I still think this was worth seeing and enjoyed it.

Total films seen overall with MoviePass: 63

(Number of unique films seen overall: 61)

(Number of films seen with AMC A-List: 30)

(Number of unique films seen with AMC A-List: 26)