MoviePass Adventures: Month 20

MoviePass is still a thing (though not from lack of trying where I was literally this close to cancelling it because of some goofups with the app) but still have it and still able to use it  Here’s this month’s films (not counting what I saw on AMC A-List which included The Sun is Also a Star, Godzilla: King of the Monsters x2)

1.) Aladdin

This is the live action remake of the classic Disney animated film.  It tells the story of a young man named Aladdin who finds a magic lamp and with the help of Genie, a Magic Carpet and his monkey friend Apu, try to win the heart of Princess Jasmine while avoiding the evil Jafar.  On it’s own I really enjoyed the film.  Compared to the animated film, I thought they did a good job adapting it to live action.  I’m usually not a big fan of these animated to live action remakes but this one was really good.  i thought the character of Dalia the handmaiden to Jasmine stole the show.  Though I prefer the animated version, I still think this was worth seeing and enjoyed it.

Total films seen overall with MoviePass: 63

(Number of unique films seen overall: 61)

(Number of films seen with AMC A-List: 30)

(Number of unique films seen with AMC A-List: 26)

The 25th Anniversary Edition 1992 Version: Movies

It’s time once again for the Anniversary Edition. This is a series where we highlight the 25th anniversary of some of our favorite things. These include movies, TV shows, video games, comics and music that came out during the year of 1992. A lot of big things debuted or made a huge impact that year and so we highlight some of those in this series.

We have previously looked at the year in music and video games in 1992. We now turn to the movies of 1992. This was another huge year at the box office. There were some pretty big landmark films that released in 1992. You remember them? Let’s check them out.

Of the top 10 movies of 1992, what was the highest grossing film that year? Both the domestic and worldwide number 1 film was Aladdin ($507 million worldwide).  It was released on November 25 and became the first full length animated film to gross $200+ million.  Interesting tidbit, it took the 5th weekend of its release before it was #1 at the box office.

What film was number 1 at the box office for the longest consecutive amount of weeks? It was actually a tie between The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (released on January 10th) and Wayne’s World (released on February 14th).  They both spent 5 weeks at number 1 on the box office.  Wayne’s World would go on to be #8 domestically & number #10 worldwide box office with $183 million.

What were the other top films in the top 5 worldwide released in 1991.  They were The Bodyguard (Released November 25th, 2nd worldwide with $411 million), Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Released November 20th, 3rd worldwide with $358.9 million) Basic Instinct (Released March 20th, 4th worldwide with $352.9 million) and Lethal Weapon 3 (Released May 15th, 5th worldwide with $321.7 million).

The rest of the top 10 worldwide grossing films include Batman Returns (June 16th), A Few Good Men (December 9th), Sister Act (May 29th), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (November 13th) and Wayne’s World.

Other big films that released in 1992 were White Men Can’t Jump (March 27th), Patriot Games (June 5th), A League of Their Own (July 1st), Unforgiven (August 3rd), Sneakers (September 11th), The Last of the Mohicans  (September 25th), and Under Siege (October 9th).

Which of the films listed was your favorite? Obviously there were so many more films that came out in 1992. Is there a film not listed that came from 1992 that you enjoy? Leave a comment and share them here. Next time, we will look at the year in TV shows in 1992. Until then, crank up the old VCR and enjoy some classic movies.