Five Year Anniversary

Today marks the five year anniversary of this blog.  When I started this blog, I was in a real rough spot in my life.  And to be honest, that hasn’t changed that much.  These last five years have been some of the hardest, toughest, depressing years of my life.  This blog has helped in dealing with some of that but even still it has been a struggle.

Each time I reach this anniversary I hope that there will be some good news, something that will be a turning point.  But here I wait still.  God ultimately knows what the future will hold but in the meantime it has been tough in the waiting.

There have been seasons with this blog when there has been a lot of content and also times when there hasn’t been.  That has been a struggle as well.  When you don’t have the words to express the emotions and thoughts you feel.

If you have been with me all this time, thank you.  May this next year of blogging bring newfound hope and a turning of the corner in my life.

Four Year Anniversary

Today is the four year anniversary of the introduction of this blog. There are times it doesn’t seem like it has been four years since this blog began. I am glad for this blog as it has been helpful in getting me through some of the toughest times I’ve had.

I hope that in this upcoming year there will be more ups than downs. I hope that there will be more creative posts. But above all I hope that my thoughts and feelings that I share here will be an encouragement and a blessing to someone.

If this is the first time you’ve read a blog post here, thank you and welcome. If you have been reading regularly the last four years, thank you as well for being a part of my journey.

Three Year Anniversary

3rd anniversary

Today is the three year anniversary of the introduction of this blog.  I enjoy writing in this space because it gives a space to flex some creative muscles.  I know there are some seasons when it was tough to get the creative juices flowing and the last year or so has been that.  But I am glad this has been available.

I don’t know what the next year has in store for this blog.  I hope there are more creative posts.  I hope that what is said here is encouraging to others that read it, that it gets people to think.  I also hope that it’s helpful to me to just share thoughts and feelings here.

If this is the first time you’ve read a blog post here, welcome.  If you have been reading regularly the last three years, thank you.  I hope that as the journey continues that we all learn and grow from it.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary


I forgot that last Friday was the 2 year anniversary for the blog.  I am thankful that this blog is carrying along like it has in the vein of the “Little Engine That Could”.  I don’t know if many people read this blog or not but the main thing is that it his helpful in sharing my thoughts and my journey.  Hopefully this blog has been a blessing to those that have read it.  I do not take for granted to opportunity this blog affords me.

What does the next year hold in store?  Probably more of the same with hopefully more inspired posts than I have written before.  Thanks again for joining me on this journey and may there be many more stories to share in the journey.

One Year Later

First birthday cupcake

Today is the one year anniversary of the beginning of the journey of this blog.  August 28, 2013 was as the title of that first post “The First Step” on the journey that this blog would take.  One year ago today I started this blog.  This is my 4th blog, after my LiveJournal, Xanga, and Blogspot.  Each of those blogs were different.  LiveJournal was my first ever blog that I started back in 2002 and new to blogging so it was all over the place.  The Xanga blog I started about a year to so later and was really more an online journal about my day to day life.  It went with me all over the country and overseas and lasted until last year when Xanga shut down.  The Blogspot blog was one that was started after a suggestion from a friend in Seattle to do a Sports and Faith blog.  That blog ended in part due to circumstances which led me to the point of starting this blog.

When I started this blog a year ago, I didn’t know what all this would be.  I had an idea but mainly I was looking for a fresh start to write.  A place to combine all my interests and talk about them.  A place where I could share about my journey and all that entailed.  That included such things as my faith journey and my creative journey.

Now, one year into the journey of this blog, I can look back and see a lot of cool things with this blog.  I don’t know how many people read this on a regular basis.  But I know for me it has been beneficial.  This blog has been a helpful tool along my journey the past year.  I’ve learned from those other blogs and they help contribute to what I feel is a more improved blog.

I don’t know what the future holds for the next year of this blog.  There are several weekly posts such as “Sunday Devotional” and “Thursday Quote Day” that help to bring some structure and regularity.  And I’m sure as things pop up along the way, there will be inspiration to write on them.  Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to what’s in store.

For those that have been on this journey with me, thank you.  I hope that you will continue with me.  For those that are just starting, welcome.  Feel free to comment here and share thoughts.

I’ll end with a quote (fitting for a Thursday).  It’s the same quote that I ended with a year ago, from the book The Hobbit.

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”

Just Write It

I like to write.  Writing is something that I like to do.  Well, I should say creative writing is something I like to do.  I never was a big fan of writing research papers in high school, college or grad school.  Granted, I could write them and did pretty well if I put my mind to it.  Even if I didn’t, I usually ended up with a pretty good grade.  Regardless, writing is something that I enjoy doing and am decent at it.

Writing is an outlet for me to express myself.  Growing up I would write poems or short stories.  Some of those I still have in some notebook that is stored away.  Some have been lost.  I even wrote a novel that I started in high school and worked on for years.  I eventually “finished” it and maybe someday might get around to publishing it.  Then a little over 10 years ago (wow, 10 years) I started blogging.  That was a way to express myself and to keep track of my journey.  This led through several different blogs (LiveJournal and Xanga) and several different states and even a summer overseas.  Through rough times and good times, i blogged about them.

Last year and early into this year, my writing tailed off.  I wasn’t inspired to write anything and wasn’t motivated to write.  I think it was the season of life I was in (and I guess somewhat I’m still in at the moment).  Creatively, I was in a writer’s block.  Blogging wise, there was a lot of things that I was trying to processes outside of blogging and so I wasn’t writing.

Then about the time I started this new blog, I read an article (which the author’s name now escapes me).  But the author was talking about writing and sometimes you have to just write whether you’re inspired or not.  And I thought about how when I was going through rough times in ministry and how writing was a way for me to process things.  I knew I needed to get back to that.  So taking off of the Nike slogan “Just Do It”, I’m trying to “Just Write It”.  Whether it’s this blog or creative writing that I will try to do again, I know I just need to write.

I would encourage you (those who may read this) to find your creative outlet.  Whether it’s writing (like me) or singing or painting or whatever it is, find that thing were you can process and express yourself.  Use it as a means to share your life with others and glorify God as well.