Chapel and Basketball

The NBA season kicked off this week and while there are plenty of stories on the court, this one struck me that happened off the court.  Last night the Golden State Warriors played the Los Angeles Clippers down in L.A..  It was a hard fought game that the Clippers ended up winning.  There was a lot of trash talking and apparently bad blood between the two teams that has developed.

One of the ways this played out was before the game.  Usually in sports prior to games, there are chapel services that take place.  Players from both teams are invited and can participate if they choose.  However, before the game last night, Warriors players weren’t allowed to be a part of the chapel service with the Clippers but instead were told to have a separate service earlier.

Now I get the fact that there is competition and sometimes you don’t like the other team.  You don’t like their style of play or the way they act on the court/field.  But I think in this instance the Clippers were off on this one.  Regardless of team affiliation, our relationship with Christ should bring people together.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a Warriors player or a Clippers player, you can (and should) be able to worship together.  Nothing on the court that takes place should cause that to be a hinderence.

I hope the next time they play that they can all come together and put differences aside and be able to meet and worship.  Basketball is just a game.  Worshiping Jesus is more important.