Cookie Monster & Baseball: A Great Combination

You know anytime that Cookie Monster is on around, it’s going to be a good time.  Case in point, yesterday during the Atlanta Braves/San Francisco Giants game, Cookie Monster was interviewed by one of the broadcast reporters for the Giants TV crew.  It’s an awesome clip & a nice shout out to Grover as well.  Check it out:

Sesame Street + Lord of the Rings = Winning

I just saw this video today of another great Sesame Street parody.  This time it involves The Lord of the Rings with Cookie Monster and patience and delayed gratification.  That seems to be an important lesson for Cookie Monster to learn and relearn (and one I think we all need to learn and relearn).  Here’s the video:

A Little Laugh

In seasons of life when times are tough and lonely, it’s nice to have something come along that brings about a laugh.  It’s those little moments where encouragement comes.  I definitely think it’s a God thing that those little moments come through.  Today had a moment like that.  Feeling discouraged, I came across this video from the BBC with that lovable Muppet Cookie Monster.  And so, I share with you.