Into The Flood Again: Thoughts on Alice in Chains “Would?”

Having lived through the 90s, my musical influence is shaped by the music of that decade.  That decade included of course Grunge music.  The center of Grunge music centered around Seattle & several bands that were the mainstay of that sound came from that city (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains).  Having lived in Seattle in the mid 2000s, I saw first hand the connection between that sound and the city & gave me a better appreciation for that sound.

One thing you can always count on with watching the Seattle Seahawks play is the bump music (music playing going to and out of commercial) or a highlights package will be a band connected with Seattle.  So after the Divisional Round game against the Carolina Panthers, there was a highlight package from the game.  The highlights were set to the song “Would?” by Alice in Chains.

It had been a while since I heard that song but after watching that highlight video I searched it out.  The chorus stuck out to me the more I heard it:

“Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way”

Of course it got me to thinking (especially the second part of the chorus).  How often have I messed up and wanted people to see from my perspective?  Then turn it around, how often has someone else messed up and wanted me to see from their perspective?  Too often we forget grace when it comes to others who wrong us but when we wrong someone else we want that grace shown to us.
God has shown us grace and mercy to forgive us of our sins, of how we wronged Him.  How can we not then show that to others?
Is it easy to do?  No, it’s not easy but at the same time we have experienced it and know what it feels like.  We should be willing to share that with others so that they can experience it as well.
The song ends with the line “If I would, could you?”  Think on this, if someone would apologize, could you forgive them?  If you’re a Christian, hopefully the answer would be yes.  So as we go “into the flood again” that is life, let us have the response that shows mercy and grace to those around us.