Lessons Learned from a Random Movie Scene

A few days ago, I was watching a movie on Netflix.  It was one of those nights that there wasn’t anything on TV so thought I’d check something out on streaming Netflix.  I ended up watching a random movie I found on there.  The movie was okay, wasn’t great but wasn’t bad.

There was one scene towards the end of the movie that had me thinking.  Now this movie was an indie low budget movie so that was taken into account.  The scene was at a park.  It was at night and it was raining.  An actor and actress were standing out in the rain having a key conversation.  Instead of paying attention to the conversation, I was distracted from it.  How was I distracted?  Well the rain in the scene looked like the rain machine was turned all the way up and was drenching the characters.  The wind machine was turned all the way up and was howling.  It make it look like the characters were standing in a hurricane instead of just in the rain.  The music sounded like someone was playing the same three notes on the piano.  But the main thing was all this background noise drowned out (pun not intended) the voices of the actors.  I could barely hear the actress speak and couldn’t really hear the actor at all.  I don’t know if it was a bad microphone or if the actor was just whispering the lines or what but I had a hard time hearing what was said.  It took away from what the scene was trying to get across.

So what lessons did I learn from this?  I learned that sometimes distractions in my life can be like that wind and rain machine and the monotone music.  It can keep me from hearing what God is trying to say to me.  That noise drowns out and keeps me from hearing God.  It’s not to say those things that are “distractions” are bad, just like the wind machine and rain machine and the music are good things they need to be used in the right context.  That’s why it’s good sometimes to just get away from everything and pray and listen to what God has to say.  Jesus regularly would get away from everything, away from distractions and pray.  That should be our example as well.

God used a scene from a random movie on Netflix to teach me a lesson.  You have to be open to listening to what He has to say.