Happy Leap Day aka My Birthday 2016 Edition


Today is February 29th also known as Leap Day.  Today is also my birthday.  Today is my 9th birthday (you can figure out my age based off of that).  It is always special to actually get to celebrate my birthday because it comes around only once every four years.  So I definitely appreciate birthdays more so than most people.  I’m grateful when they come around.

How did I celebrate today?  Well I went and saw Star Wars:  The Force Awakens for the 4th time.  I also got a free cookie cake from Great American Cookies.  So not a bad way to celebrate the day.

I never know where I’ll be at when I celebrate my birthday but I appreciate each one when it comes along.  I hope that Leap Day treated you well and that you enjoyed this extra day that comes around once every four years.