Thursday Quote Day: Pastor Frank Hogan

This week’s “Thursday Quote Day” features a quote from a character from the TV show When Calls The Heart:

“They say the measure of a man isn’t by his mistakes but by what he learns from them.” (Pastor Frank Hogan When Calls The Heart)

Thursday Quote Day: Yoda

To celebrate “Star Wars Day” that was earlier this week, this week’s Thursday Quote Day features a quote from the second movie in the original Star Wars trilogy:

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” (Yoda The Empire Strikes Back)

Thursday Quote Day: Pete Wilson

For this week’s Thursday Quote Day, here is a quote from a book that I am currently reading (which I would recommend reading).

“We really don’t have a choice on whether the past has impacted us. But we do, however, get to choose if we embrace it. We get to choose if our past with all of its unique sorrows and joys help us grow, if we learn from it, or if we use it to bless others.”  Pete Wilson Let Hope In