Friday Favorite: Favorite Movie

You know how sometimes you just get inspiration to write?  Well this was one of those times.  I thought about adding another regular writing series to this blog.  I was inspired to write about my favorites so now we will have “Friday Favorite”.  I don’t know if it will be a weekly thing of or just some Fridays but you have to start somewhere right?

Seeing as how I’m a movie guy, I thought I would start with my favorite movie.  Now I have a lot of films that I love.  I have a lot of film franchises/series that I love.  But my favorite film series of all is the Star Wars saga.  And my favorite of the Star Wars saga is The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back Poster

This film is my favorite of the Star Wars saga.  Now I will say that A New Hope and Return of the Jedi are right up there.  But The Empire Strikes Back has a special place in my heart.  As a kid there was three reasons why I loved Empire:  AT-ATs, Boba Fett & Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber duel with Vader.


The All Terrain Armored Transport (or AT-AT) was the coolest vehicle the Imperials had.  They were massive and they were awesome.  The Battle of Hoth was the only one the Imperials won in the trilogy (though one could say the Rebels won because their main objective was getting off the planet) and it was due in large part to the AT-ATs.  If there was any Imperial vehicle I wanted, it was the AT-AT.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett.  As a kid, he was simply one of the coolest guys ever saw in a movie.  I guess you could still say I still think he’s one of the coolest.  He wasn’t necessarily a bad guy.  He just wasn’t a good guy.  He was simply doing a job and getting paid.  But he was bad because he wanted Han Solo to take back to Jabba the Hutt.  Even Vader respected Fett.  One thing about Boba Fett, he was a bounty hunter you did not want to mess with.

Luke vs Vader

Luke vs. Vader.  Growing up, this was the lightsaber fight.  It’s hard to compare this one to the one in Return of the Jedi.  But this one had the raw emotion.  Luke was still trying to find himself as a Jedi.  And he had to learn from this experience.  But it was a really cool fight with some really cool fight scenes.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve found other things I appreciate.  I love the interaction and banter between Han and Leia.  I became a huge fan of Wedge and loved when he took down the AT-AT with his snowspeeder.  I appreciated that it wasn’t a “happy” ending but a “hopeful” ending.

The Empire Strikes Back is my go-to film.  It is a great way to start off this “Friday Favorite” series.

Star Wars and Following Your Path

With news about the new trailer for Star Wars:  The Force Awakens debuting this weekend, I’m amped up to get back into counting down to a new Star Wars film.  As with that, it’s a good reminder of the films that I know and love, which mainly is the original trilogy (not that I hate the prequels but I grew up on the original trilogy).

As I have from time to time here, I like to look at scenes from the films and reflect on them and the messages that they convey.  One that I recently have been pondering was from A New Hope.  The Rebels were gathered in their base on Yavin IV as they prepare to launch an assault on the oncoming Death Star.  Their hope was to destroy the space station before it could get in range to destroy the planet.

Luke Skywalker was prepared to fly into battle but before he left he tried to convince Han Solo to come with him.  At that point, Han was focused on collecting the reward for rescuing Princess Leia and getting him and Chewbacca out of there.  Luke was disappointed and left Han and Chewie.

As he was making his way to his X-Wing, Luke ran into Leia.  Here was the exchange:


Leia:  “What’s wrong?”

Luke:  “It’s Han.  I don’t know.  I really thought he’d change his mind.”

Leia:  “He’s got to follow his own path.  No one can choose it for him.”

As much as Luke wanted Han to join in the fight for the rebellion, Luke couldn’t make Han do it.  Han chose the path in which he took.  Granted, he would join the fight at just the right time to help Luke out of a tough spot and would go on to join the Rebels in their fight against the Empire.  But he had to make that choice.

Many times, we interact with those we care about (either in person or in some cases a far through social media) and we feel like Luke.  We want them to come with us.  But as much as we want them to come with us, we can’t make them.  They have their own path to follow.  Sometimes, like Han, they do end up coming alongside.  Sometimes, though, they don’t.

When they don’t, it doesn’t mean we stop caring about them.  It does mean that we understand and still be there for them.  Who knows, they may surprise you like Han did.

Lesson from Yoda: Patience

A few weeks back, I had a post entitled “Lesson from Yoda”.  I thought I would revisit that post with another “Lesson from Yoda” (I might make it into a series).


Yoda was introduced to everyone back in 1980 in the film The Empire Strikes Back.  This was the sequel to Star Wars:  A New Hope and is my favorite of the entire saga.  We meet Yoda as he is living on the planet Dagobah and Luke Skywalker is sent there by Obi-Wan (now a ghost) to continue his training to become a Jedi.


While in the midst of his training, Luke has a vision of his friends Han & Leia in pain.  He then hurriedly packs his things and tells R2 that they’re  leaving.  Obi-Wan appears and both he and Yoda plead with Luke to not leave and to continue the training to become a Jedi.  At one point, Obi-Wan screams out “Patience!”  Luke’s response is that of someone rushing into something “And sacrifice Han and Leia?”  Yoda’s response is interesting “If you honor what they fight for?  Yes.”


It’s not easy to have patience.  That is something that is up at the top of the list of things people pray for on a daily basis.  Luke didn’t have patience.  He did not listen to Yoda or Obi-Wan (who had Luke’s best interests).  He rushed off to Bespin to try to save his friends but in reality it was a trap set by Darth Vader to capture him.  Luke ended up in a fight he was not ready for and ended up with his right hand chopped off and having to deal with the knowledge that Darth Vader was his father.

Patience comes from time and trust.  Ultimately, patience comes from God.  He tells us to trust in Him and wait on Him.  Sometimes we are like Luke and rush out and get hurt in the process.  But He’s still there.  Though it is not easy to have patience, it is for our benefit.  We are able to grow and mature in the waiting.  Trust and be patient.  Valuable assets in this journey of life.

Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Reveal

Star Wars Episode VII Cast

It was announced today from Disney the main cast for Star Wars Episode VII.  It will be a mix of cast from the classic trilogy as well as new actors.  The picture above is the first picture of the cast (funny to see R2-D2 in a crate).

When I saw the news break, I was excited.  It’ll be cool to see characters that I know and love (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, Artoo, Threepio) along with some new characters.  It was interesting to see Andy Serkis as a part of the new cast.  He’s best known for his work as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings saga.  I think that’s a good hire.  I do hope that Billy Dee Williams and Denis Lawson (Lando Calrissian & Wedge Antilles) will at least have cameos.

The Star Wars saga is my favorite series of films.  I’m looking forward to December 2015 for the next piece of the film series.