Thursday Quote Day: Kanan Jarrus

For this week’s “Thursday Quote Day” here is a quote from one of the characters from Star Wars Rebels:

“Battles leave scars. Some you can’t see.” (Kanan Jarrus Star Wars Rebels)

Thursday Quote Day: David Rossi

This week’s “Thursday Quote Day” is a quote from a character from the TV show Criminal Minds:

“Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going.” (David Rossi Criminal Minds)

Agent Coulson and Change

I’m a huge comic book/super hero fan.  I readily admit that.  I grew up reading comic books and have seen a lot of comic book movies in the theaters, especially the Marvel ones that have come out recently.  I have also gotten into the new TV show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that debuted this season.  For those that don’t know, S.H.I.E.L.D. is a unit that exists to explore and ascertain info about things that are unexplainable, handle bad guys & keep such things classified.  On this show, there is a team of agents led by Agent Phil Coulson.  Coulson is a character that appeared in some of the Marvel movies.  Initially, the character was just a bit player.  However, fans grew to love the character and got featured more and more.  In The Avengers movie that came out last year, Coulson died at the hands of Loki (Thor’s half brother).

There was a huge uproar and people wanted the character brought back to life (which happens in comic books regularly).  So he was and is made the leader of this new team of agents.  Of course, the story of how he’s back from death and such is still playing out (and probably will throughout the season).  In tonight’s episode, there was a poignant moment.  Agent Coulson was talking with Agent May (one of the agents a part of this team and someone who has known Coulson for a while).  Coulson mentioned to May how he doesn’t feel the same and says to her that he feels like he’s changed.  She tells him that he has changed and that you can’t go through what he went through without changing.  She reassures him that it is okay that he has changed.

We all go through things in our life that change us.  We don’t necessarily have happen what happened to Agent Coulson but we have experiences that change us.  We change as people.  I am not the same person today that I was six months ago or a year ago.  There are parts of me that are constant but there are things that have changed.  Hopefully, those things are for the better.  I hope that I’m more compassionate, more loving, more caring.  I hope that I’m becoming more like Jesus.  But I know it is a process.  It is not an overnight thing.  And like Agent Coulson has a scar from his encounter with Loki, I have scars from encounters I’ve had on my journey as I’m sure that you have scars from those things that you have faced.

Change is not always a bad thing.  It can be a good thing.  It is not an easy thing to be sure and a lot of times it does hurt.  But there is good that can come out of it.

Scars and the Stories They Tell

A couple of years ago while when I was in seminary, I wrote a post on Facebook.  I thought I’d post my thoughts about the topic here because I feel like it’s still relevant.

I have scars. Several in fact. In the physical sense I have two main ones.  One is from having my appendix removed when I was very young (around 4 or 5).  The other is on my left index finger from having a coffee cart dropped on it and smashing it while I was in Seattle.  They aren’t as defined as they once were but you can still see them (especially the one on my finger since it’s in plain sight.)

I also have emotional scars.  Some of my own making because of immaturity, some from others (through their words and actions).  But they are there.  Those you have a hard time seeing unless I open up and share about them.  But they are a part of me as well.

I think for a long time I’ve tried to hide my scars.  You want to be seen as “perfect” even though we all know that’s never the case.  But it doesn’t mean those scars aren’t there just because I try to hide them.  They’re still there and I shouldn’t be trying to hide them for one simple reason.  They are there for a purpose.

As we know from physical scars, there was first a wound.  There was a cut or surgery or something that cause there to be a wound that needed to be treated.  Sometimes those wounds healed quickly.  Other times, those wounds would take a long time to heal.  But when they did heal, there remained a scar.  That scar showed that healing had taken place.

Like physical scars, emotional scars come from a wound.  Whether it’s an action or words that someone speaks, they cut and hurt.  Emotional wounds can cut deep and healing needs to take place.  Sometimes the healing process is quick and other times it takes time.  And like physical scars, there are emotional scars that remain.

I believe that God uses those emotional scars as a reminder of His healing in our lives and how He continues to be with us. I’m not a patient person.  Even though I’m better than I used to be, I’m still not as patient as I could be.  When I’m sick or hurt, I want to hurry up and get better.  But you can’t rush healing.  It takes time.  I think it’s the same emotionally,  You have to have time to heal.  However, when you are healed, you can look back and see how you are taken care of through the whole thing by Him.

When I look at the scar on my finger as I tend to do from time to time, I remember the incident.  However, there is no pain involved.  I don’t experience the pain I felt from the accident each time I look at my scar.  What I do remember is that God was watching out for me, and  He took care of me.  The same can be said for my emotional scars as well.  I can look back on events now that have happened in the past and I don’t feel the pain about them anymore.  I may bear the scars but I don’t feel the pain.  I’m reminded of how He has led me to the point in my life where I am now.  Even though it has not been easy following Jesus, I don’t know anywhere else I could be or should be.  That assurance that Jesus gave His disciples in Matthew 28:20 about being with them “always” (or in the Greek, “all of the days”) is an assurance that I have too.

So I try to not be ashamed or hide my scars.  Instead, I hope that I can use the stories that come from them to reflect Jesus and the impact that He has and continues to have in and through my life.