The Five: Five Albums on Constant Rotation

It’s time for another edition of “The Five”.  This time I thought I would look at the five albums that I would have on constant rotation.  It is kind of a correlation to the TV shows question but if I could only listen to five albums for the rest of my life, what would they be?  Granted I have very eclectic musical tastes so to narrow down is tough but here’s my five (one caveat, no greatest hits albums…that would be kinda like cheating):

1.) Switchfoot Nothing is Sound

This was probably the easiest one to pick for “The Five”.  Switchfoot is right up there as far as favorite artists.  I got introduced to them in college at Union by my best friend and roommate and I’ve been a fan ever since.  This album released in 2005 while I was living and working in Seattle.  Pretty much every song on the album has resonated with me at some point in my life through the ups and downs of life and ministry.  I can listen to it beginning to end and it just flows from one song to the next.  For me, this album is a no brainer for the list.

2.) Coldplay X&Y

I don’t know why but 2005 was that kind of year for music and me.  This album by Coldplay just hit me right in the feels as the kids would say.  So many of the songs on this album just stick in my head and I feel the words as I sing along.  So many of the songs resonated with me at that time and place and in a lot of ways still do.  So I have to include it in my five.

3.) Third Day Offerings:  A Worship Album

I knew some Third Day songs at a teen but it really wasn’t until I got to college that I really heard their stuff.  This album released in 2000 is one that was in regular rotation when I was in college.  I got to know these songs by heart and were a part of my time growing in my faith in college.  Just as my faith is integral to who I am, I definitely think it’s important to have an album like this in The Five”.

4.) Garth Brooks No Fences

I feel like I need a country album given how I grew up listening to country.  So I went with Garth Brooks and his album No Fences from 1990.  There are a lot of iconic songs from this album and it’s one that I can go back to and listen to with fondness of my childhood.

5.) The Fray The Fray

I was having a hard time narrowing down the final entry here.  There are several albums from several artists that have a lot of meaning to me.  But I decided to go with The Fray and their self titled album that released in 2009 is one that still sticks with me.  I’m a fan of the band ever since their debut album so it was a toss up between that one and their follow up self titled album but the number of quality songs on The Fray pushed it over the top.  It was a go to album that I listened to frequently during my time in seminary.

Switchfoot and “Fading West”


About a week or so, I watched on Netflix Instant Streaming the documentary Fading West.  The documentary was on the band Switchfoot and their world tour/recording of their latest album, which is appropriately titled Fading West.  Switchfoot (for those that may not know) is a rock band that has been going since the mid/late 90s.  They are also Christians so their faith direct their lives and their music.

I was introduced to their music while in college.  My best friend (and one of my roommates), had one of their albums playing one time in his room while working on an assignment.  I listened to it and thought it was cool and went to pick it up myself and have been a fan of the band ever since.

So during the film while the band is in the middle of their world tour, they received some tough news.  Jon Foreman, the lead singer and guitarist, found out that his daughter was in the hospital and was going to need surgery.  After some time in prayer and talking with the rest of the band, he decided to catch a plane back to the U.S. and be with his family while the rest of the band would continue on the tour.  While on his way to the airport, Jon narrates and said this quote that really stuck out to me:

“Faith is to say ‘Yes, the future will have pain, but there is a meaning and a purpose deeper than that pain.’ For me, that is my choice to believe rather than doubt.”

If you get a chance, I would recommend watching this film.  It’s a great look into what the band is about and the individuals that make up the band.