The Hope of “Tomorrowland”


I went and saw the new Disney film Tomorrowland yesterday.  It was one of those summer movies that I was looking forward to seeing.  And at least for me, it did not disappoint.  It was fun, exciting and made me think.

I won’t have any spoilers but I will touch on something that I thought about as I was watching the film and then after I let the theater.  One major theme of the movie is hope.  Casey, one of the main characters in the film, seems to be driven by hope.  Hope for the future, hope for change.  However, reality seems far from hopeful.  It seems like the majority of people around Casey don’t have hope.

When Casey gets a glimpse of Tomorrowland, she wants to go there.  When she does get there, it is nothing like what she saw or was told about.  However, it is better than Earth as Tomorrowland is not bent on destruction.  The leader of Tomorrowland, Governor Nix, has basically shut himself off from the rest of the world and tells Casey & Frank Walker (who used to live in Tomorrowland years ago) that the reason people aren’t told about Tomorrowland is because they would bring their “savagery” here.

Deep down, we are all seeking hope.  We all want to hope in something.  We would love to find and live in a place like Tomorrowland.  The thing is, we can have something to place our hope.  Or to put it a better way, someone to place our hope.  Jesus is the one who we can put our hope for the future as well as right now in the present.  He can change us (if we let Him) and make us more like Him.

As followers of Jesus, we also have a place that is there waiting for us like Tomorrowland only much cooler and better in Heaven.  And we don’t have to worry about messing up Heaven by us being there because there will be no sin there.

That’s a hope that can change the world.  That’s a hope worth sharing.  That’s a hope I want others to know about.

A good film is one you can enjoy watching and make you think.  Tomorrowland is that kind of film.  I would recommend checking it out and I hope that you will think through those themes long after the credits are rolling.