Thursday Quote Day: Michael Kelley

It’s time for another Thursday Quote Day.  For this week’s quote, it is from the book Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal by Michael Kelley.  I’ve shared a quote from that book before and here is another good quote from that same book:

“Everyone hurts in one way or another. The question is what you do with that pain.”  (Michael Kelley Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal)


Thursday Quote Day: Michael Kelley

It’s Thursday so time for “Thursday Quote Day”.  To be honest, this has been a kind of discouraging day.  I sent a resume to a church for a position and not a few hours later was rejected.  I think that has to be the quickest rejection I’ve gotten at any point in my job search.  This has been a rough and tough season in my life.  I was reminded of this quote and it something I’m trying to hold onto:

“We come to Jesus not as we can’t but as we can.  Not as we aren’t but as we are.  And we believe that Jesus can make up for all that we lack.”  Michael Kelley Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal