MoviePass Adventures: Month 3

Month 3 of my adventures of MoviePass and unfortunately there was a lack of usage due to weather and health.  But did get my first repeat viewing along with another new film (Hopefully will get more viewing in during the next month):

1.) Wonder (second viewing)

This was a repeat viewing (first watched it last month). This is the first film not named Star Wars that I went to see again in the theater in a long time.  This has become one of my favorite films ever.

2) Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is based on the true story of Sir Winston Churchill and his first month or so as prime minister during the middle of World War II.  It essentially looks at May of 1940 which was one of the toughest times for the British Empire and how Churchill tried to deal with becoming prime minister in such a time.  Gary Oldman is spot on as Churchill.  It was a really good film and it’s a good one to watch after watching Dunkirk which is also during this time period.

My Favorite Films of 2017

I’m keeping up the yearly tradition of sharing my favorite films of the year and so here is my list of favorite films for 2017. They are in no particular order, just in the order that I can remember them from the beginning of the year until the end of the year:

Kong: Skull Island

This film both reintroduced King Kong back to the big screen but also set up future films involving Godzilla and that line of monsters.  There was a tremendous cast with Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly & John Goodman and a great version of Kong.  I have high hopes for this franchise after 2014 Godzilla and now this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

The sequel that did not disappoint.  I blogged earlier this year about this film and how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It advanced the story while at the same time developing the characters without losing the charm that made it special.  Another great Marvel film.

Wonder Woman

Probably the first really good film in the DC cinematic universe, Wonder Woman had that heart and hope.  Gal Gadot embodies the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.  The film (which is set mainly in World War I era) has a similar feel to the first Captain America film (which is my favorite Captain America film).  Superhero films that have heart and hope are the best ones and Wonder Woman is one of those.

Cars 3

The third film in the Cars franchise (and in feel more a direct sequel to the first Cars film) Lightning McQueen has to deal not only with young upstarts but his own mortality as an athlete.  It has a lot of feels like the first film as well as tells a good story on its own.

The Hero

This is a film that stars Sam Elliott as an aging actor best known for a role decades earlier as “The Hero”.  It’s a film that deals with fame, mortality, loss, love and life.  I blogged earlier this year more in depth that goes into more detail.


Set during the heart of World War II, Dunkirk tells the story of one of the biggest rescue missions in history.  The British army was trapped in the city of Dunkirk and it took 800 civilian ships to save the day.  Christopher Nolan directed the film and it covers the land see  and air aspects of this battle.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The first Spider-Man film in the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming was really well done.  Going back to Peter Parker in high school along with having it be the “Tony Stark Redemption film” was a good touch by Marvel Studios.

Blade Runner 2049

The sequel to the 1982 film, Blade Runner 2049 is one of the most visually stunning films I’ve seen.  Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, the film is set 30 years past the first film.  Like the first film, it asks what does it mean to be human?


Based on the true story of Thurgood Marshall, Marshall looks into the life of the future Supreme Court judge when he was a trial lawyer and the case of a Connecticut man accused of rape and attempted murder.  Chadwick Boseman was at his best again and the rest of the cast including Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown and Kate Hudson stood out as well.


Goodbye Christopher Robin

A film based on the life of writer A.A. Milne and his family, Goodbye Christopher Robin is probably one of the most poignant and bittersweet films I’ve seen.  I grew up (and still do) love Winnie the Pooh and all the characters of the Hundred Acre Woods.  This film shows the ups and downs of the creation of those characters and the lives of the family around that.


Wonder is based on the book of the same name.  I will go on record and say it is one of my favorite films ever.  The story of the Pullman family is such a heartwarming film and the story it tells is so needed in this time.


The second Pixar film released this year, Coco is a story about family and finding one’s place in the world.  It is centered around the holiday of the Day of the Dead.  It is such a lovely story and another example of the Pixar charm.

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour looks into the right before and the first month of Sir Winston Churchill as prime minister of Great Britain.  Gary Oldman was spot on in the role of Churchill and the film as a whole was great storytelling.  It also fit in well with Dunkirk which also released this year since they both are set in this same timeframe.

MoviePass Adventures: Month 2

Into month number 2 of MoviePass and this time of year is great for films so ample opportunity to put it to use.  Here are the films I saw the second month of of having MoviePass:

1) Wonder

This film is based a novel and tells the story of Auggie Pullman and his family.  He’s a kid who’s just starting middle school and has had a lot to overcome and over the course of the film you see the impact that he has on everyone that comes in contact with him and vice versa.  This is one of the best films I’ve seen period.  Loved this film and would recommend it to everyone.

2) Coco

The next film in the long line of great Pixar films.  This one features the story of a young boy named Miguel who feels he’s a musician but his family doesn’t approve.  The film tells the story of family and following your dream.  It was really good and worth seeing in theaters.

3) The Man Who Invented Christmas

This film is a mix of “based on a true story” and a telling of the classic A Christmas Carol.  It tells the story of author Charles Dickens as he finds the inspiration to write the classic novel and how those characters mingle and intertwine with what’s going on in his life.  Christopher Plummer plays a great Ebenezer Scrooge and Dan Stevens is a wonderful Charles Dickens.  This is a great Christmas/holiday film to watch this season.

4) The Mountain Between Us

The film, based on the novel of the same name, tells the story of two strangers who catch a charter flight.  That flight crash lands in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and the two depend on each other to survive out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s a visually stunning film and both Elba and Winslet carry the film as the two principal actors.  It was worth seeing on the big screen just for the outdoor/mountain shots.

(I thought I’d end up seeing more films but there was a stretch where there weren’t any major releases worth seeing due to The Last Jedi looming so it looks like month 3 will have more films to see)